Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water, Water, So Much Water.

So I've been feeling a little down on my photo skills the last couple of days but I think I may have finally gotten some of my swagger back. The internship is going pretty well even though I'm so busy I hardly have anytime to do anything besides shoot, eat and sleep. For the last two days I've been waist high in a creek having artillery simulators go off around me while I try desperately not to let my camera equipment fall to a watery grave. Quite fun really. Seeing the other interns photos has really put a fire under me to get some better shots. I don't care if they say we shouldn't be competing, I always am. I think they're liars if they so they're not. Anyway, hope everyone enjoys the photos. Questions, comments or suggestions? Please let me know.

P.s. Here's the link for the whole photo gallery:

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