Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yes, Drill Sergeant!

Well I shot my first day at my internship as a Public Affairs Officer (Photo Intern) working for the Leaders Training Course at Ft. Knox. Today was the easy stuff for the cadets. Basically just getting here and getting settled. It's really quite amazing, the Drill Sergeant (not Sir, Drill Sergeant!) are told to operate at half of the meanness since the cadets are not recruits. They're simply here to see if they want to join the military. Even so, I found myself frightened of them even though I knew they didn't really give a damn about me. In fact, the Drill Sergeants are quite nice to me. As an intern I get to experience all of the fun stuff like rappelling and M-16 targeting without having to go through all of the yelling and other things. I've got a month more of shooting to do with activities that will be much more visually exciting than this so I hope you enjoy the teaser.

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