Thursday, July 14, 2011

We're Going Home!

Well Alpha Company has graduated and I have once again realized that I have not been keeping the three of you, actually I think there's less than that, loyal followers up to date with my photos. So here are some from the final days of Alpha Co. here at Ft. Knox. It was really nice to see all the families getting back together and to see how proud the families were of their cadets. Looking back on it, you could tell that these people came in a certain way and left as much more mature people. There was much hugging and kissing of boyfriends and girlfriends at the reunion. It even made me smile. Also, I've never had so many people telling me how much they appreciated my work. It made me pretty happy to know that I did a good job and I helped make it enjoyable for the parents.

It was difficult to see the cadets go since I finally started making some friends with them as they were winding down. Some of the other photographers got really close to their cadets from the start but I didn't feel like that was professional. I like to keep a professional distance from my subjects that way I know that I will cover them fairly and that I won't focus on person or group to much. Thank you ethics class.

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